leigh57 (leigh57) wrote in 24_fanfic,

like magic, play aces

title: like magic, play aces
word count: ~1600
disclaimer: Do I have a disclaimer? Well, frequent brushing prevents cavities. So does not reading my Jack/Renee fic;)
warnings: show spoilers, language
a/n: This is part three of the tiny series that includes yes the heart should always go one step too far and play hearts, kid, they work well.

So this should have been written last Christmas, but it wasn't because of reasons. In any case, this is for ws_scribe, in response to the following prompt: Jack/Renee; I don't want to run, just overwhelm me. The complete list of prompts is here. Big huge thanks to adrenalin211, lowriseflare, and dealan311 for awesome beta input and deep thoughts on airports.

Title is from 'Go Places,' by The New Pornographers.

I figure that since the last entry for this comm was over the summer, what the hell?

She's never had any idea how to do this.
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