kaitlia777 (kaitlia777) wrote in 24_fanfic,

Title: Multi Fandom Zombie Land

Title: Multi-Fandom Zombie Land
Author: kaitlia777
Author's e-mail/website: kaitlia777@yahoo.com
Fandom: The Walking Dead, 24, Castle, Eureka, The Losers & Supernatural
Summary: Prompt: Try to cross The Walking Dead with any fandom you want in just a couple of sentences. Any pairings or gen - just have fun!
Type / Pairings: Gen
Main characters: Ensemble
Rating: R for some language
Warnings: N/A
Spoilers: If it’s aired in the US, then it’s fair game!
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!
Author's Notes:

There was a pissed off looking blonde guy with an axe standing amidst the bodies of over a dozen Walkers.
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