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Hooked, Lies and Sinking #8

Author: Cybertoothtiger

Rating: T

Summary: Jack starts working for the Salazars

A/N: Don’t own it. Now, back to work for me!


“This is the guy?” Hector sounded doubtful.


Emilio nodded.


This guy beat up Juan?” Hector was unconvinced.


Emilio had to admit that Jack did not look very impressive at the moment. His eyes travelled up Jack’s body, noting the belt cinching up the extra fabric around the waistband of his jeans. He could tell there were some muscles under the thin grey long-sleeved t-shirt, but seeing Jack lying down, it was obvious how skinny he was. The blond man’s face was pale and waxy, and a two-day growth of beard glinted in the dim light from the overhead bulb.


“He’s not very big.” Hector rubbed his chin. Still, Ramon had heard about this guy on his last trip to L.A. and he’d asked Hector to check him out.  Hector lifted his foot and used the toe of his boot to nudge Jack’s leg, which was hanging over the edge of the rough brown couch.  There was no response. “How much did he take?”


“I just gave him what he usually buys.” It was Emilio’s turn to look doubtful. “He don’t usually shoot up here, though.”


“You better not let him O.D. until Ramon gets what he wants. This guy owes us a lot of money now.” Hector watched him for a minute and made a decision. “Okay. Wake him up.” He walked across the room and peered out the window, listening to Emilio slapping Jack’s face. There was a yelp, and he turned to see Emilio pinned to the couch, the skinny guy’s knee on his chest. Hector laughed. “That was fast.”


Jack looked up, disoriented at the sound of a new voice. He seemed confused as he glanced from Ramon to Emilio, and he was obviously stoned out of his mind. But Ramon could see something else in his eyes – a flintiness that suggested if you struck him the wrong way, sparks would fly.  


Jack apparently realized where he was, because he let go of Emilio and stood up. “Sorry, man, you startled me.”


“Pull yourself together, Jack. Hector has a job for you. It’s time you started paying off some of your debts.”




Jack’s heart sank as he quietly moved past the car parked in the driveway beside the house. There were two car seats in the back of the sedan – one for a baby. He hoped the kids weren’t home, but given the lateness of the hour, they probably were. He got into position outside the back entrance as he heard Hector pounding on the front door. Sure enough, the back door swung open and a man in dress pants, a white shirt and a loose tie tried to sneak through it. Jack blocked his way. “Going somewhere?”


He spun the man around and pinned him up against the wall of the house, twisting his arm painfully behind his back.


“You’re hurting me,” the man whimpered.


“Trust me, I haven’t even started to hurt you.” Jack growled as he frog-marched the man back into the kitchen. Hector and Emilio were waiting for him. Jack flung the man onto a kitchen chair and knocked him out with a quick punch. He grabbed an apron off the back of the door and used it to tie the man to the chair, leaving one hand free. He moved to the cupboard and got a glass. Jack filled it and tossed cold water in the man’s face, reviving him.


“David Jones?” The man opened his mouth and Jack clamped his hand over it, hissing “Think carefully before you yell. Wouldn’t want to wake the kids, now, would we?”


The man’s eyes widened and he nodded. Jack dropped his hand.


“Now, Mr. Jones,” Jack leaned in close to his face. “I believe you owe my friend here,” he nodded at Hector over his shoulder, “some money. Quite a lot of money, if I understand correctly, is that right?”


“I can get it for you!” The man spluttered.


“Well, now, that would be good, wouldn’t it?” Jack straightened and turned away slightly, grabbing the man’s hand as he turned. There was a satisfying snap and the man screamed. Jack spun around and clamped his hand over David’s mouth again. “Shhh. Remember the children?” His tone was mocking. “You want to do what’s best for them, don’t you?” Jack had no respect for a man who could put his family in danger.


“Now, where were we? Oh yes. You were saying you would get my friend here his money.” Jack leaned in and tilted his head. “There’s a problem with that, Mr. Jones. You see, we don’t believe you.” He reached for the man’s hand again, holding it by the broken finger.


Mr. Jones grimaced in pain. “Please,” he begged. “Take anything you want. Just don’t hurt my family.”


Jack nodded. “That’s the spirit.”


Emilio took the car keys from the hook by the door and he and Jack started loading it with the big-screen TV and other electronics. Jack removed the car seats and set them on the driveway. “Need more room,” he answered Emilio’s questioning look. Daddy the junkie might not think to get them new ones if they took these, and Jack didn’t want to put the kids in any more danger than they already lived with every day.


They finished up and returned to the house. The man was cradling his hand in his lap, tears running down his face as he sobbed quietly.


Hector looked at Jack. “Finish up.”


Jack wasn’t sure he’d understood.


“Teach this punk a lesson, man.” Hector clarified. “A broken finger is nursery school shit. Show me what you can do.”


Jack nodded and untied the man, hauling him to his feet. David saw an opportunity and took a swing at Jack, but Jack blocked it easily and punched him in the stomach. Jack’s blows fell in quick succession as he put on a good show for Hector. He chose the sites that offered lots of blood and pain, but ensured the man would survive the beating. His last blow struck the man to the floor, unconscious. Jack looked up to see Hector and Emilio smiling, and another, horrified face down the hallway. The small face disappeared and Jack moved into the hall before Hector and Emilio knew what was happening.


“Shhh, baby. I’ll go see.” Jack could hear a woman’s voice through the bedroom door. He stood back as the door opened, and a woman in a housecoat stepped out. She stopped when she saw Jack. She leaned back into the room. “It’s okay, honey. It’s just some men to see Daddy. Go back to sleep.” She closed the door behind her and turned to face Jack, staring at him defiantly. “You keep us out of this.”


Hector appeared at the other end of the hall. “Come on, Jack, let’s go.”


“I’ll be there in a minute.” Jack called over his shoulder. He could see the bruises around the woman’s neck. It seemed heroin wasn’t the only thing Mr. Jones was abusing.


Hector smiled. “Want a little piece of that, do you? Don’t take too long, man.”


“Be right there.” Jack reached out a hand and grabbed the woman’s head, pulling her towards him. She trembled in fear. He slid his other hand down her hip as he leaned in and whispered in her ear. “You need to get yourself and those kids out of here. Now. There’s a shelter a few blocks away.” He slipped some money into her housecoat pocket. “Hit me,” he instructed.


She searched his eyes, unsure. He nodded slightly, so she raised her hands and slapped at him. “Leave me alone!” She kneed him in the groin for good measure and Jack buckled, grabbing at the wall for support. Hector started to laugh.


“Leave her, Jack. She’s too much woman for you!”


Jack hobbled painfully down the hall, Hector laughing at him all the way. He was still laughing as he and Jack drove away in the Jones’ car. “You’re all right Jack. I think we’ll keep you around.”


Jack shot him a look. “Thanks,” he grunted, and leaned back in his seat, nursing his tender groin.

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