saptastic (saptastic) wrote in 24_fanfic,

Short Tony/Jack slash fic

TITLE: From bar to bed
AUTHOR: Saptastic
PAIRING: Tony/Jack
SUMMARY: Short sex-scene
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters or the right to write about them


When the old man who's been reading the newspaper for the last hour leaves, Jack and I are the only ones left in the small hotel bar. It's been a good night, we've talked about everything from work to music, we're both relaxed and this beer is gonna be the last one. For sure.

"Can we get two more beers, please," I ask the bartender, but he shakes his head and says sorry, we close soon.

"When?" Jack asks and the bartender checks his watch.

"Three minutes ago," he says with a laugh and we understand we have to leave. Since we weren't really done talking about whatever we were talking about, I invite Jack to my room for a beer, he says yeah sure, and that explains why it's 2 a.m. and we're at a hotel room drinking beer from small cans, talking.

What it doesn't explain is how everything suddenly gets so personal, why Jack's sitting there telling me that he feels alone in everything he does and that he sincerely hopes I'm not gonna end up the same way.

I try to come up with something to say or do to make him feel better cause he seem so sad and I say: "I thought things started to work for you."

"Well, yes," he nods, "things are better," but the way he says it is not very convincing and I'm not sure how or why it happens cause my mind is totally blank when I kiss him.

I don't even regret when I understand that I'm kissing Jack, probably cause he doesn't pull away, he kisses me back and it feels very good and I can't explain exactly how we end up naked under the covers, but I think that if it was an apartment and there was a separate bedroom we had to move to in order to get to a bed it wouldn't have been so easy. Cause now my brain shuts down the second it understands what's going on and it just happens, I let myself touch him and I let him kiss me, the clothes come off and the bed is right there, how convenient, I tell him not to leave bruises when he bites my neck and from there it's all skin and who does what doesn't really matter as long as it feels nice and it really does, all of it. I wanna tell him that it feels great but I'm worried it'll sound stupid so I don't, I can feel he's getting close cause his hand on my cock doesn't move anymore and he has stopped kissing me cause he's too busy breathing. I decide to say something after all, I tell him that it's really hot to see him like that and that really wanna fuck him, he makes a sound beside me and comes all over my hand.

When I lay beside him waiting for him to catch his breath I get embarrassed about what I said and apologize.

"No need to apologize," he says and shrugs. "It put me over the edge."

He's so different now from the Jack I know, I fall into a stare as I think about it, he so much lighter now, more relaxed. I wonder if it is the closeness or the release making this change.

"Tony?" he waves a hand in front of my eyes and smiles this secretive, bright smile with his entire face and asks me what he can do for me.

I close my eyes and swallow and think about it for a few seconds before I lay back on the bed and tell him: "Anything you want."

I hear his laughter coming closer as the weight on the bed shifts and he wipes off his cum from my chest. "You're not a very difficult person, are you?"

I open one eye and look at him. "Not really, no," I say with a grin.


Thanks for reading!
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