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Title: What Was Offered
Author: marinw
Rating: PG
Characters: Graem/Charles Logan/Cheng
Summary: Day 5. Graem Bauer takes matters into his own hands.
Disclaimer: 24 is the property of the Fox Production Company. January ’09? You have got to be kidding.
A/N: This little fic is my own interpretation of the Bauer Brothers. I’m assuming Graem is a little older than Jack. That’s open to interpretation, I know. Thanks to my beta sardonicynic. I've borrowed the Football Team reference from xbedhead's canon.

“Bauer will be taken care of.”

That was all Charles Logan thought he needed to say.

This person, this rouge CTU agent, was an acceptable loss. A necessary sacrifice. An offering.

Graem didn’t allow himself to think of Logan’s offering as a family member. The two brothers hadn’t spoken in seven years.

The childhood and teen-aged memories were there, faded like the acid colors of an old photograph. Jack had been smarter. He had received better grades. He made the football team. He had been president of his Junior High class. His teachers called him a ‘natural leader,’ a description that pleased their father to no end. Often Jack got into fights, and he almost always won.

And, oh yes, Jack was better-looking than Graem. Much better-looking. He had big blue eyes that sometimes turned green and straw-colored hair. So of course the girls liked him. Marilyn had liked him, for a time. The aunts and uncles who came to the house would pinch Jack’s cheeks and coo, “Oh, what a beautiful boy!”

While Jack made the honor roll and flirted with his female admirers, Graem struggled with his algebra homework and fretted over his already-receding hairline.

Josh reminded Graem of his brother. So much so that Graem had been suspicious enough to order a DNA test. He kept the results hidden.

This wasn’t about a decades-old sibling rivalry. Graem was past all that.

It wasn’t Graem’s fault that the proverbial Golden Boy had screwed his own life. That he had squandered all his God-given gifts and the family legacy. That he hadn’t fulfilled his responsibilities at BXJ, choosing instead to indulge in some silly military fantasy lifestyle.

It wasn’t Graem’s fault that Jack had ultimately fucked things up so profoundly that he had found it necessary to stage his own death.

Marilyn had been devastated. Graem, not so much.

Now Jack was alive. Now he had highjacked a diplomatic flight. Typical.

Enough sentimentality. Enough nostalgia. Back to work.

They tried to shoot the plane down. That didn’t work. The recording was still in the wrong hands.

After then plane had landed Jack had escaped from the perimeter.

Perimeters. Why do they even bother?

Logan hadn’t taken care of Bauer, and now the president had new concerns.

Do I have to do everything myself?

No matter. Graem had another way of taking this individual out of play.

Time to cash in his insurance policy.

Graem phoned the Chinese Consulate. Even at this hour someone would be there.

“I need to speak to Cheng Zhi.”

After a moment, Cheng’s voice came over Gream’s Bluetooth. “Why do you find it necessary to disturb me?”

“The man you want isn’t dead.”

“To what man do you refer?” Cheng inquired coyly.

“The man who raided your consulate eighteen months ago. The man who’s responsible for the death of your associate.”

Cheng wasn’t impressed with this new intel. “We already suspected that.”

“How can you know that?” Graem asked.

“Our sources are not your concern.”

Logan. It has to be Logan.

“We will begin to search for him immediately,” Cheng announced evenly.

“You won’t have to look for long.”

“You know where he is.”

“We know where he will be.”

“Then you should tell me, Mr. Bauer.”

You can’t put this one on me, Baby Brother. You did this to yourself.

Graem proceeded to tell Cheng Zhi everything he needed to know.

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