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What If You Catch Me, Where Would We Land (1/6)

Title: What If You Catch Me, Where Would We Land
Author: leigh57
Pairing: Jack Bauer/Renee Walker
Word Count: 33,600 total – approximately 6000 for this chapter (I’ll put one up every couple days so as not to spam the comm.)
Rating/Warnings: R; sex, violence, language, references to physical and sexual abuse, spoilers for the entire series
Summary: But every once in a while when the guards were down, he’d click off the filters and let himself have her back, only for a minute. Light of her smile, smell of the skin on her neck, brush of her hand on his chest, checking for wounds. Rich stereo soundtrack of her voice.
Author's notes: Under the cut.

(When you're weary, and haunted)
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